Samuel Sousa

Coming back from the Dead!

It's been while! A very long while, indeed.

I've been running this page since 2008, so a breather was in order.
I've been hard at more on new projects so there's a lot I've got to show, and so I will be showing as soon as possible.

With that being said... Updates are in progress.
See you soon!

(17 / March / 2018)

Happy New Year Simulator Thingy

 Happy New Year Simulator Thingy

In order to wish everybody an Happy New Year I decided to build an Happy New Year Simulator Thingy.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
Click, Click; or Tap, Tap: Create your own firework display. It's your job to light up the sky and put up a good show.

1 biT Strike - A Ludum Dare #37 Entry

A little wallpaper to warm up.

On Day 01 - I have been wanting to do some space action for some time. I decided to adapt the Theme on the technical side of things and wanted the game to be playable online on Browser on PC or Mobile, thus the controls. By the end of the day it was looking something like this:

On Day 02 – My to do list: Add a proper wave system; Some flashing lights; Camera Shake a and some other nice to have animations and last minute changes and bug fixes.

I managed get to most of them quite fast except for the last part, since I wanted my project to be playable online. I’m still learning to get browsers cooperating with my creations, so that process must of taken around 3 long never ending hours  or so. Having that done, I decided to put some sound (since my LD #36 Game sucked on that department). 1 biT Strike wasn’t too needy, there are only around 4 / 5 sound effects in it. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get some music in it, as well, until I remembered I had worked on some art & music for a never-to-be-seen-project half decade ago.

1 Bit Strike is a retro black & white endless score-attack shoot’em up.

Suddenly humanity is doomed by an outer space approaching menace. It's your job to fly up there and Strike them down!
... and while you're at it, make a nice score. I managed to get 1670 points, I dare you to beat it :)


Thanks Rialgar and Jupiter Hadley for playing this Entry!

Tone Marreta - Out Now!!!

After all the hard-work we are finally here.
The untitled project is now Tone Marreta and is finally available for play on your browser.

Tone Marreta is an Arcade Puzzle Platformer featuring... Tone - a character who has his mind set on preventing the construction of a dam in order to save a valley from submersion.

Tone Marreta Features:
Tons of Concrete Smashing with a Trusty Sledgehammer; a Interactive Tutorial and a Little Reflective Note. There are no Missions, no Side Quests, no Power-ups and no Ads! ...Oh! And... did I mention STARS!?! It has STARS!!! ...and it's free to play. So just SMASH that button and go give it a swing!!!

...and... if you like it, share it with your friends :)

Artefact-O 36 - A Ludum Dare #36 Entry

I decided to take part on Ludum Dare # 36 just some hours before it begun. Saw the themes being voted and happily, Ancient Technology was my favourite.

I was solo and personally only had 48 hours to put something up. Didn't matter how small it was I wanted it to feel mostly finished or like a good prototype for something else. I knew it had to be small, simple and straight forward, there was no time to waste.

That line of thought pushed me to go late 70's early 80's black & white and build something that felt like putting your Atari or TRS-80 back on and not functioning properly. With that and an extra metaphor came Artefact-O 36.

Development went very well for the most part, thought I was way ahead in delivering my project 'till I got stuck in some level design and deciding the best order for the levels...

...and then I decided to go HTML5 so more ludum darers could have access to it. What seemed to be a simple task burnt the last 6 hours of my participation and I ended up submitting at the last minute, by 02:00 AM.

I'm happy with the accomplishment made and will most certainly come back to Artefact-O 36 may it be building upon or starting a new spiritual successor digging deeper into its theme.

Although there was no ranking system for Ludum Dare #36, Artefact-O 36 got placed in 3rd for coolness and 9th for popularity :)