Samuel Sousa

Tone Marreta - Out Now!!!

After all the hard-work we are finally here.
The untitled project is now Tone Marreta and is finally available for play on your browser.

Tone Marreta is an Arcade Puzzle Platformer featuring... Tone - a character who has his mind set on preventing the construction of a dam in order to save a valley from submersion.

Tone Marreta Features:
Tons of Concrete Smashing with a Trusty Sledgehammer; a Interactive Tutorial and a Little Reflective Note. There are no Missions, no Side Quests, no Power-ups and no Ads! ...Oh! And... did I mention STARS!?! It has STARS!!! ...and it's free to play. So just SMASH that button and go give it a swing!!!

...and... if you like it, share it with your friends :)

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