Samuel Sousa

The End Of Print

In this project the idea was to explore text has a blob of color.
All the text here is superfluous.
Case Closed tells the story of a person who falls off a window of a tall building and dies instantly.

The city.

A rainy day.

A window breaking...

... a person in free fall.

The blood after impact.

The Police's arrival.

The badge and some directions.

The investigation begins.

The Office.

The desk and...

... the letter:

The handwriting.

The solitude that multiplies

beyond madness.

Clarity, organised thought...

... and the tragedy.

Suicide or forged Homicide?

The cover of this project was thought in virtue of the character fall and the blood stain on the floor...
The same happen to the book which left its marks on the cover.

The back cover was thought like a file of a closed investigation.

Case Closed.

(FBAUP 2009)