Samuel Sousa

The Ressurrection of Molaemo

Several Clothespin
Molas e mais molas...
Clothespin Pieces
Os elementos constituíntes...
Clothespin up close
A Matéria e a sua textura
3 Ninjas run to a clothespin resurrection point of Molaemo

Reinvention and appropriation to another environment.

3 ninjas run to avoid what could be the biggest catastrophe of the milllenium - The Resurrection of the Clothespin God - Molaemo.
The damage can be irreversible. Will they be able to defeat the maleficent plans of the 4 evil sorcerers?

Molaemo is the juntion of the portuguese word for clothespin with the latin demon word - Daemo.

(Excerpt of a design study on clothespin)

(EsACT 2010)