Samuel Sousa

Chew This! - Concept Art & StoryBoard

Sharkara licking a lollipop
Loading Screen Artwork
Concept Art for Sharkara and some Gummies
Concept Art for Sharkara and some Gummies
Chew This! - Sharkara's Adventure, is a 2D platformer prototype, develop by Gummy Soft.
The game revolves around Sharkara in a quest for the world's most extravagant of all gummies.
A gummy factory explodes
Gummies are spread all over
After an enormous explosion of a factory far far away from everywhere, an enormous quantity of gummies get spread all over.

Sharkara discovers a Gummy
Many ended up on Sugar Glider Kingdom...
Sharkara tastes a Gummy
After the first taste there was no turning back...

The end result can be viewed here.