Samuel Sousa

DevLog #01 - Concept Art

Initial concept art for a small game project envolving a character who has his mind set on preventing the construction of a dam with his sledgehammer.
Tone with SledgeHammer
Main Menu   Newspapers Headlines
A Sledgehammer in a Garage   Gameplay Grid
Tony watching the News on TV
The game will take place on a dam's construction site and will play like a Arcade Puzzle Platformer in which the player must control Tone while avoiding and destroying falling concrete blocks with a sledgehammer in order to prevent the dam from ever being built.

The art style will be a fusion between pixel art and digitally painted backgrounds. The game will feature traditional portuguese pop music (Pimba) composed by Shawn Andrew. This Project is currently development for Windows and set for release on next year's second quarter (Q2 - 2106).

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