Samuel Sousa

DevLog #02 - The Main Character

Tony with SledgeHammer
Tone is the main character of the game. He is headstrong and highly self motivated not hesitating to tackle a problem head on. Although lacking in sense of fashion, wearing practical clothes for the job, he proves to have great strength and sense of community. Carrying a sledge hammer on his shoulder, he has his mind set on taking action against the construction of a dam that will submerge his beloved valley.

When creating Tone, taking inspiration from an old "jacks of all trades" I came to meet, I wanted to create a hard working cartoony character.
Tone Pixel Art
Since the games will run on a traditional 800x600 resolution, Tone's in game assets are pixel art images of 100x80. Since he has a little set of actions to keep him alive, only 12 frames were needed to stand idle, run, jump, swing the sledge hammer and getting crushed underneath a falling concrete block.


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