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This time around, I would like to introduce you to Shawn Andrew, a singer-songwriter, composer, musician and music teacher. He's the man behind the catchy tunes of mobile games like Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensions and Johnny Scraps: i Tap&Slash. Game musical composition aside, he has formed and performed as a lead singer and guitarist on the rock project smackthepone, collaborated with the Philharmonic Band of Vila Flor, the poco a poco emsemble from the Municipal Conservatoire of Bragança and taught and helped others create their own musical projects.

Having proved his worth, he is now responsible for bringing some portuguese pimba music to the "2D Arcade Puzzle Platformer" I have been crafting. He has also been producing some new rock themes so, if you're into that genre, he may be right "up your alley". Although there is none of that currently available for listening,  you can check and bookmark his website Here.

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