Samuel Sousa

Artefact-O 36 - A Ludum Dare #36 Entry

I decided to take part on Ludum Dare # 36 just some hours before it begun. Saw the themes being voted and happily, Ancient Technology was my favourite.

I was solo and personally only had 48 hours to put something up. Didn't matter how small it was I wanted it to feel mostly finished or like a good prototype for something else. I knew it had to be small, simple and straight forward, there was no time to waste.

That line of thought pushed me to go late 70's early 80's black & white and build something that felt like putting your Atari or TRS-80 back on and not functioning properly. With that and an extra metaphor came Artefact-O 36.

Development went very well for the most part, thought I was way ahead in delivering my project 'till I got stuck in some level design and deciding the best order for the levels...

...and then I decided to go HTML5 so more ludum darers could have access to it. What seemed to be a simple task burnt the last 6 hours of my participation and I ended up submitting at the last minute, by 02:00 AM.

I'm happy with the accomplishment made and will most certainly come back to Artefact-O 36 may it be building upon or starting a new spiritual successor digging deeper into its theme.

Although there was no ranking system for Ludum Dare #36, Artefact-O 36 got placed in 3rd for coolness and 9th for popularity :)

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