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DevLog #06 - Last Features and Polish

Pixelated Warning Sign

Feedback is great! You just listen to the players when playing your game and you know what to do next :)

My latest efforts were driven towards polishing and answering to issues presented by play-testers. I noted the many questions players had: "What am I supposed to do?", "What are the controls?", "Should I go down there?" ...and the ones they didn't had... This DevLog is based on that feedback.

Revisiting the many sections of the project, the Main Menu and Cutscene received new animations. In the Main Menu when selecting, small animated thumbnails make their entrance to give a more lively feel to the whole. New features added include: Sound On/Off and Language Selection (English or Portuguese).

In the Cutscene, text was translated and rewritten in order to better suit its purpose, establishing a goal.
Pixelated Warning Sign
During gameplay, given that players were having a hard time staying alive due to the lack of information on the game controls and the blocks unpredictability. I added some practical features to make the player's stay a longer one.

The first was the sign opening this DevLog. A small addition that makes an huge difference on the player's lifespan. Like a spidey sense, this sign appears just a little fraction of seconds before he/she is standing in the way of danger.

The second and biggest addition, during gameplay, was mouse and keyboard controls' information.
Pixelated Warning Sign

Did I say Mouse? - "Not sure, I lost myself on the video and stuff..."

There are now 2 control options, Keyboard or Mouse and Keyboard. Selecting either is an intuitive unconscious response made on the title screen. That pixelated image on the left serves the mouse purpose...

A good sledgehammer is only as good as the wall it tears down and so the dam received some attention, and now, looks stronger than it looked before.
To conclude, this one last thing was not polishment nor add-on, it was a... REMAKE! - "Yey! Remakes are Awesome!!!"
The old score screen was torn apart and rebuild and now includes... STARS!!! - "Yey! Stars are also Awesome!!!"
...But these are only for the most die-hard players. - "Oh! Well, no one likes stars anyway..."
Given the previous experience with Artefact-O 36 and its accessibility, I am currently looking towards wrapping this up in the same manor, HTML5.

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